We are all hypocrites here…

… and perhaps mad as well? 😛


This thought was inspired by a forum directory that has a habit of being a little… toxic let’s say. I was “stalking” the site when I came across someone calling out a moderator (no names named) for stealing paid for graphics – said moderator apparently is an excellent graphics artist. Kinda makes you wonder just how much coding and graphics these people ACTUALLY do, doesn’t it? Also, the person who condemned said staffer was then “attacked” for whining about stolen things and told to “go do something legal about it or go away”. It was okay for the staffer to have (maybe) found the graphics on google and mistakenly used them – because that is an excuse for not crediting, right?


Such hypocrites. The amount of times I have seen these children whining about things like this is ridiculous. Quit with the foolishness and do what you say you are doing, be a directory and sort out that mess you claim to call a forum.




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